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Orange County Business Lawyers

Whether defending your business in court, entering into a contract or forming a corporation, you want swift, efficient and cost-effective legal solutions. At Jacobs & Dodds, our Orange County business attorneys understand the time and effort our clients invest in making their businesses successful. In acting as your advocate and legal counsel, we will devote the same time and effort to your legal concerns.

When a legal dispute threatens the success of your business, we will work toward the cost-effective resolution of your dispute. Contact our law firm for a free consultation on business litigation and other business matters.

Jacobs & Dodds: Irvine Business Litigation Attorneys

Business disputes occur for myriad reasons. At Jacobs & Dodds, our focus and goal is to resolve your legal disputes in the shortest time possible, and in the most economical fashion to save you time and money. Informal dispute resolution is used whenever possible.

If your dispute cannot be solved through informal business dispute resolution methods, we are prepared to take the dispute to court. Our business litigation attorneys are tenacious in the representation of our clients. Partner Paul Jacobs has more than 30 years of litigation experience representing businesses, ranging from IBM and Carl's Jr. to local family-owned businesses. He has won million-dollar plaintiff judgments and prevented million-dollar judgments by representing defendants who never should have been sued in the first place.

We command business law experience in a wide range of cases, including:

Contact Jacobs & Dodds for a free consultation with an experienced business law and transactions attorney or to speak with an experienced Orange County, California, trial lawyer from our business litigation firm.

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